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Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire. A thirteenth century core with major fifteenth century additions by the Preston and then Meldrum kindreds. Transformed into a Renaissance palace (or château) in the early seventeenth century, by Alexander Seton, first Earl of Dunfermline, a counterpart to his great villa at Pinkie. Major alterations and additions by the Gordons in the eighteenth century, then heavily altered again in the nineteenth century by mariner and steel manufacturer, Alexander Leith. Now in the possession of the National Trust for Scotland. This building captures something of the scope of the Scottish Medievalists: a multi-layered medieval building, whose purposes and meanings have been reimagined and reinterpreted through the early modern and modern periods. Buildings, texts, records and artefacts have much to tell us about Medieval Scotland, but also how Medieval Scotland has been understood ever since.

The objectives of the Scottish Medievalists are to encourage the study of, to promote interest in, and to further knowledge of Scottish history, in particular in the period before 1707. Learn more about us, our members and our activities on the About Us page here.

The Scottish Medievalists: The Society for Scottish Medieval and Renaissance Studies is a registered Scottish Charity, the registration number SCO12617.