This page of remembrance and obituaries for former members of the Scottish Medievalists is under construction. Please note that this list is not complete, any help from Members who can help fill out omissions, or send links to relevant obituaries would be appreciated. Please send a message to the secretary.


Ted Cowan, 1944-2022. External links: University of Glasgow; the Herald; Scottish Society of Northern Studies; Michael Fry the National.


Priscilla Bawcutt, 1931-2021 by Rhiannon Purdie. External links: Alasdair A. MacDonald, Scottish Literary Review; Janet Hadley Williams, Scottish Text Society

Ian Fisher, 1943-2021. External links: Geoffrey Stell, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland


Maurice Lee Jnr 1925-2020. External links: Alastair Bellany, American Historical Association


David Sellar 1941-2019. External links: Hector MacQueen, University of Edinburgh Law School (follow link to Pdf)

Grant Simpson 1930-2019. External links: Cynthia J Neville, Society of Antiquaries of Scotland


John Dunbar, 1930-2018. External links: Geoffrey Stell, Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Athol Murray, 1930-2018. External links: Alan Borthwick, The Journal of the Archives and Records Association


Archie Duncan, 1926-2017, by Morvern French. External links: The Scotsman; University of Glasgow


Jenny Wormald, 1942-2015. External links: Jamie Reid-Baxter, the Innes Review


Geoffrey Barrow, 1924-2013, by Morvern French. External links: Hector MacQueen, the Innes Review; Simon Taylor, Scottish Place Names Society; David Torrance, the Herald


Marjorie Anderson, 1909-2002, by Morvern French


Annie Dunlop, 1897-1973, by Morvern French