50th Conference 2007

Saturday, 7 January

Introduction and Opening Remarks: Dr Sandy Grant (Lancaster)

Paper 1: Professor Cynthia Neville (Dalhousie, Nova Scotia) Scottish Medieval Historiography: The Last Fifty Years

Paper 2: Dr Alan Borthwick (National Archives of Scotland) ‘The Scottish Medievalists’: The Past

Discussion: ‘The Scottish Medievalists’: The Future? Introductory: Dr Sandy Grant / Professor Hector MacQueen

Paper 3: Professor Ted Cowan (Glasgow, Crichton Campus) The Discovery of Medieval Scottish History in the Post-Renaissance Era

Sunday, 8 January

Paper 4: Dr Matthew Hammond (Glasgow) Scotland and the Twelfth-Century Renaissance

Paper 5: Dr Sally Mapstone (St Hilda’s, Oxford) Scotland and ‘THE’ Renaissance

Paper 6: Dr Julian Goodare (Edinburgh) The Price of Renaissance Monarchy: James VI and his Debts