52nd Conference 2009

Saturday 10 January

Introduction and Opening Remarks: Chair,Professor Hector MacQueen (Scottish Law Commission)

Paper 1: Alex Woolf ‘From Mecca to Muckle Flugga’, when East is East and West is West: Scotland and the Sea in the early Middle Ages

Paper 2: Edda Frankot ‘Of lawis of scyppis’: Maritime Law and its Practice in Late Medieval Scotland

Paper 3: Alistair MacDonald War at sea and the Scottish crown in the later middle ages

Sunday 11 January

Paper 4: Anne Crone Scotland’s timber trade with Northern Europe in the 15th & 16th centuries: the dendrochronological evidence

Paper 5: David Caldwell The Sea Power of the Western Isles of Scotland in the Medieval Period

Paper 6: Donald Meek Ships and boats in the Gaelic literary record 1200-1700