54th Conference 2011

Saturday 8 January

Introduction and Opening Remarks: Chair,Professor Hector MacQueen (Scottish Law Commission)

Paper 1: Elizabeth Fitzpatrick (NUI Galway) Finding the schools of Gaelic hereditary learned families in late medieval and early modern Ireland

Paper 2: Chris Lowe (Headland Archaeology) Recent excavations on Inchmarnock and the identification of a monastic school-house

Paper 3: Abigail Burnyeat (University of Edinburgh) Education in early medieval Gaelic society

Sunday 9 January

Panel on School Education In the wake of John Durkan’s Schools and Schoolmasters – Chair: Nicola Royan (University of Nottingham)

William Hepburn (University of Glasgow), Making royalty: The upbringing of royal children at the late-medieval Stewart court

Jamie Reid Baxter (European Parliament), Schoolmastering and Latin verse composition in Renaissance Scotland

John McCallum (University of St Andrews), John Durkan’s Schools and Schoolmasters

Panel on University Education – Chair: Roger Mason (University of St Andrews)

Isla Woodman (University of St Andrews), Educational attainments of pre-Reformation bishops

Steven Reid (University of Glasgow), From Renaissance to Reformation, and Beyond: The Evolution of the Scottish Universities between 1560 and 1638

Elizabeth Henderson (University of St Andrews), Scottish university libraries in the 15th /16thC