56th Conference 2013

Saturday 12 January

Introduction and Opening Remarks Chair, Dr Jenny Wormald

Panel 1: Post-Graduate Research Session: “‘Foul Hordes’: the migration of ideas and people in Pictland and beyond” (University of Edinburgh)

Tasha Gefreh: “Foul Iconography: religious figures on stone sculpture”

Bethan Morris: “Sticks and Stones: literacy, symbols and monumentality in Pictland and beyond”

Oisin Plumb: “‘Go West, young Urguist’: assessing the Pictish presence in Ireland”

Panel 2: ‘War, what is it good for?’ The commemoration of loss in medieval battles

Steve Boardman (University of Edinburgh): “‘We have victory: interpreting Harlaw in the fifteenth century”

Katie Stevenson (University of St Andrews): “‘A tragedy borne down the century on a melody’: Flodden, a battle and its uses”

Sunday 13 January

Panel 3: “Saints’ Names and Place-Names: (re-)creating medieval landscapes”

Thomas Clancy and Gilbert Márkus (University of Glasgow)

Panel 4: Group Session on heritage and culture

Panel 5: “Gavin Douglas and the Eneados:  the first five hundred years”

Priscilla Bawcutt (University of Liverpool) and Nicola Royan (University of Nottingham)