57th Conference 2014

Saturday 11 January

Introduction and Opening Remarks: report on Scottish Catholic Archives, Chair, Dr Jenny Wormald

Panel 1: Medieval seals in Scotland and Wales Chair: Norman Shead

Alan Borthwick: ‘An unusual Scottish sealing practice’

Elizabeth New: ‘Cross-border impressions: the Seals in Medieval Wales project’

Panel 2:  ‘Staging Lyndsay’s Three Estates at Linlithgow in 2013: a roundtable’

Greg Walker, Ellie Rycroft and John McGavin

Screening: the staging of Lyndsay’s Thrie Estaitis at Linlithgow palace in June 2013

Sunday 12 January

Panel 3:  Postgraduate session, University of Glasgow Chair: Dauvit Broun

William Hepburn: ‘Sources for the court of James IV: parallels, problems and possibilities’

Miles Kerr-Peterson: ‘Jacobites, Neo-Latin & Demolition: the problems of researching George Keith, the 5th Earl Marischal (1553-1623)’

Panel 4: Bridging the Continental Divide: neo-Latin and its cultural role in Jacobean Scotland Chair: Roger Mason

Steven Reid: ‘Latin print culture in Scotland, c.1488-1637’

David McOmish: ‘Scotland demands a Latin Muse: didactic poetry in Renaissance Scotland’

Panel 5: The Lyon and the Unicorn Chair: David Sellar

John Malden: ‘Blue on Blue’

Steve Boardman: ‘The Blood Royal’