58th Conference 2015

Saturday 10 January

Introduction and opening remarks Prof. Jane Dawson (Chair)

Panel 1: Ben Jonson’s Foot Voyage to Scotland, 1618 Chair: Sarah Carpenter

Anna Groundwater and James Loxley

Panel 2: Postgraduate research session, University of Aberdeen Chair: Andrew Simpson

Katherine Anderson, ‘Succession in 15th century Shetland’

Alex Crawford, ‘Tot erant reges vel reguli’: Family, ‘Faction’, and Political Interactions in the Reign of Alexander II: 1214-1249’

Amy Hayes, ‘Queenly Motherhood – The Care of Scottish Royal Infants, 1371-1513’

Katherine Basanti, ‘Crusade Diplomacy, Dependency and Deception during the Reign of James IV: 1507-1513’

Sunday 11 January

Session 3:  A Corpus of Scottish Medieval Parish Churches

Richard Fawcett , Richard Oram, Tom Turpie, Elizabeth Swarbrick

Session 4: Medieval legacies: Barrow, Bruce and all that Chair: Hector MacQueen

Roundtable with Jenny Wormald, Michael Penman, Ted Cowan and Dauvit Broun

Session 5: What role for the medieval today? Dig It! 2015 & beyond: a roundtable

Jeff Sanders, Devon McHugh, Lauren Chochinov