59th Conference 2016

Saturday 9 January

Introduction and opening remarks Prof. Jane Dawson (Chair)

15 Session 1: Medieval liturgical music and the Hermandston Breviary. Chair Norman Reid

Greta Mary Hair, ‘Selections of medieval liturgical music from the late eleventh to the late thirteenth century: The earliest chant fragment in Scotland, the oldest Scottish music book and excerpts from the Offices of St Andrew and St Kentigern’

Alan Henderson (Edinburgh), ‘Beyond the Cloister? The Office of St Cuthbert in the Hermandston Breviary (NLS Adv. MS 18.2.13A)’

Session 2: Renaissance & Reformation singing and liturgy. Chair Mark Godfrey

Gordon Munro (Royal Conservatoire of Scotland), ‘“Informed weel expert in musick”:  Scottish musicians’ pay and conditions, 1560-1700’

Martin Ritchie (Edinburgh), ‘Dour-Mongers all’? The experience of worship and music in the Reformed Kirk, 1559-1617’

Stephen Holmes (Edinburgh), ‘Sacred signs: interpreting worship and music 1488-1590′

Book Launch: Birlinn to re-launch works by John Bannerman. Remarks by Steve Boardman

After dinner: Jamie Reid-Baxter leds a musical interlude in memory of Jenny Wormald.

Sunday 10 January

Session 3: Postgraduate session, latest literary themes. Chair: Nicola Royan

Jim McAtear (Birmingham]), ‘Wyntoun and the Art of Patronage’

Lucy Hinnie (Edinburgh) ‘The Makar and the Ladeis Fair’ – William Dunbar and the Querelle des Femmes’

Anne Kelly (Oxford) ‘Robert Henryson and Medieval Scottish Poetics’

Session 4: Alasdair MacDonald (Groningen), ‘The Gude and Godlie Ballatis – but not as we know it’. Chair Hector Macqueen. Sadly Alasdair could be with us, and his paper was read by Margaret McKay.

Group Session: Recollecting Jenny Wormald

Session 5: Project session. Chair Alison Grant

a) Alice Blackwell (National Museums Scotland), ‘Glenmorangie Research Project on Early Medieval Scotland’

b) Alan Macdonald (Dundee) and Harriet Cornell (Edinburgh), the ‘Agriculture and Teind Reform in Early Modern Scotland’ project