60th Conference 2017

Saturday 7 January

Introduction and opening remarks Prof. Jane Dawson (Chair)

Session 1: Late medieval noble power

Sandy Grant (Lancaster University):‘Lords and lairds: reflections on noble power in late medieval Scotland

Session 2: Postgraduate session – Legacy of the medieval past

Edwin Sheffield (University of Glasgow):‘Restoration era clan histories and genealogies

Alasdair Whyte (University of Glasgow):‘Settlement-names and society: the medieval districts of Forsa and Moloros, Mull

Laura Harrison (University of Edinburgh):‘Monumental commemorations of the first Scottish War of Independence, 1800–1939

The Conference Dinner – pictures Rhiannon Purdie

After dinner    John Malden:‘Outspoken, amusing and a thorn in the flesh of authority, called J…

Sunday 8 January

Session 3: Reports on Barrow Awards

Michael Penman (University of Stirling):‘Dunfermline project

Katy Jack (University of Stirling):‘The earldom of Mar

Edda Frankot (University of Aberdeen):‘The Scottish translations of the Laws of Oleron

William Hepburn (University of Aberdeen):‘Medieval burgh registers

Session 4: Court, Kirk and Community revisited: an assessment of Jenny Wormald’s legacy to the study of Renaissance and Reformation Scotland

Steven Reid (University of Glasgow):‘Court

Catherine McMillan (University of Edinburgh):‘Kirk

Miles Kerr-Peterson (University of Glasgow):‘Community

Message from Maurice Lee

Session 5

Felicity Heal (University of Oxford):‘“Defending” the Tudors – debates with Jenny

Ian Campbell (University of Edinburgh):‘The Stewarts had style(s): architecture and aspirations