61st Conference 2018

Saturday 6 January

Pre-lunch walk A walk to the Antonine Wall, led by Piers Dixon and Simon Taylor

Walk to the Antonine Wall – picture Rhiannon Purdie

Introduction and opening remarks Prof. Thomas Owen Clancy (Chair)

Session 1: Who and where are we?

Athol Murray: ‘The 60th anniversary of the Scottish Medievalists’

Simon Taylor (University of Glasgow): ‘The place-names of Cumbernauld and its environs’

Bess Rhodes (University of St Andrews): ‘A series of unfortunate events: the life of John, 5th Lord Fleming (d. 1572)’

Session 2: Postgraduate session

William Wyeth (University of Stirling/HES): ‘Results of analysis from a database of early stone castles in Scotland’

Lynn Kilgallon (Trinity College Dublin): ‘“King of the Bees”: communal authority and absentee kingship in Scotland, c.1406–24’

Book launch (sponsored by Birlinn) Jenny Wormald, Mary Queen of Scots: A Study in Failure

Sunday 7 January

Session 3: The first A. A. M. Duncan Memorial: The Battle of Carham, 1000 years on

Neil McGuigan (University of St Andrews): ‘The Battle of Carham: a thousand years on’        

Dauvit Broun (University of Glasgow): ‘Southern Scotland as part of the Scottish kingdom: the evidence of the earliest charters’

Session 4: Reports on Barrow Awards

Cynthia Neville (Dalhousie University):‘Wrongdoing and remission: canonical influences on royal pardon in later medieval Scotland’

Claire Hawes (University of Aberdeen):‘Privilege and privacy: corporate politics in Renaissance Scotland, 1469–1542’

Giovanna Guidicini (Glasgow School of Art): ‘Iconography of Stirling Castle façade’                    

Catherine McMillan:‘“Zeal and charity”: Scottish charitable giving in support of Geneva and the common cause of Protestantism’

Session 5: Law and governance

Alexandra Sanmark (University of the Highlands and Islands): ‘The Norse in Scotland: assembly and assimilation’

Alice Taylor (King’s College London): ‘The medieval manuscripts of Scots law’

Margaret Connolly and Rachel Hart (University of St Andrews):‘A late medieval book and its covers: the Marchmont MS of Regiam Maiestatem and its scribe(s)’