62nd Conference 2019

Saturday 5 January

A walk to Cumbernauld House, led by Simon Taylor

Introduction and opening remarks

                                  Thomas Owen Clancy (Chair)

                                  Appreciation of Athol Murray

                                  Alan Borthwick

Session 1:

Michael Brown (University of St Andrews),‘“A Margin in the Middle?” Cumbernauld and its Environs in the Late Medieval Period’

Anne Rutten (University of St Andrews), ‘Rolls and Register: understanding the innovative nature of the king’s chapel in the early Stewart reign’

Session 2: Scottish Literature 1400–1650

Rhiannon Purdie (University of St Andrews); Nicola Royan (Nottingham University); Sìm Innes (University of Glasgow); Steven Reid (University of Glasgow)

Book launch (Association for Scottish Literary Studies) Nicola Royan (ed.) The International Companion to Scottish Literature 1400–1650

Sunday 6 January

Session 3: The second A.A.M. Duncan Memorial Lecture

Matthew Hammond (King’s College London), ‘The evolution of the Mac- surname in the Gaelic world’

Session 4: Barrow Award Reports

Alice Taylor (King’s College London)

Lucinda Dean (University of the Highlands and Islands)

Session 5: New Thinking on Old Texts

Alex Maxwell Findlater, ‘The Lyndsay Armorial’

Joanna Tucker (University of Glasgow), ‘A new approach to Scotland’s medieval cartulary manuscripts’

Gordon Noble (University of Aberdeen), ‘The development of the Pictish symbol system’

Session 6: Recent Projects

Carole Hough (University of Glasgow), ‘REELS: Recovering the Earliest English Language in Scotland’

Sally Foster (University of Stirling), ‘ECCLES: Early Christian Churches and Landscapes’Nicholas Evans (University of Aberdeen), ‘Comparative Kingship’