63rd Conference 2020

Saturday 11 January 2020

Pre-lunch walk A walk to the Carrick Stone and Cumbernauld Old Parish Church, led by Simon Taylor and Piers Dixon

Introduction and opening remarks Thomas Owen Clancy (Chair)

Appreciation of David Sellar: Hector MacQueen

Appreciation of Grant Simpson: Andrew Simpson

Session 1: The Declaration of Arbroath, 1320

Alice Taylor (Kings College London), ‘The COTR project, the Declaration of Arbroath, and the dynamic edition’

Dauvit Broun (University of Glasgow), ‘The Dynamic Edition of the Declaration of Arbroath’

Matthew Hammond (Kings College London), ‘The People of the Declaration: insights from Social Network Analysis’

Session 2: Postgraduate Session: Collaborative Doctoral Projects

Carl Savage (University of York & NMS), ‘Coinage, landscape and society in the borderlands: economy, politics and identity in Scotland and northern England, 1136–1603’

Julie Holder (University of Glasgow & NMS), ‘Collecting the Nation: Scottish history, patriotism and antiquarianism after Scott (1832–92)’

Lydia Prosser (University of Durham & NMS), ‘Dress and the individual in medieval Scotland, 1200–1600’

Orla Craig (University of Glasgow and HES), ‘Landscapes of the Galloway Hoard’

Book Launch (sponsored by Birlinn) Canmore and Stewart Dynasty Series

Sunday 12 January 2020

Session 3: The 3rd A.A.M. Duncan Memorial Lecture

 John Gillingham ‘From Scotland to Bohemia: The Culture of War on the Periphery of Frankish Europe in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries’

Session 4: Barrow Award Reports

Martin MacGregor (University of Glasgow), ‘The skull of Robert Bruce’

Jack McLachlan (University of Maine/St Andrews), ‘Mapping Fife’s Medieval Waterscape’

Adrián Maldonado (NMS) & Alex Sanmark (University of the Highlands and Islands), ‘Monumental literacy and the making of Scotland, AD 400–1200’

Session 5: New Research on Medieval Galloway and the Galloway Hoard

Martin Goldberg (NMS),  David Parsons (University of Wales) and Adrián Maldonado (NMS),